M25 junction 28

Closed 6 Jan 2017

Opened 14 Nov 2016

Results updated 22 Aug 2017

Having reviewed the feedback following the consultation, we are proceeding with Option 5F. Please read our preferred route announcement leaflet below to find out more information.



Have your say

We want your views about plans to improve junction 28 on the M25. Inside the brochure, we’ve set out options for improvements with a budget of £50 million to £100 million.

Please tell us what you think about these plans by filling in the questionnaire.

The public consultation starts on 14 November 2016 and finishes on 6 January 2017.

Why your views matter

The need for improvements at junction 28

Junction 28 plays a vital role connecting the M25 with the A12, as well as providing local access to Brentwood via the A1023 (Brook Street).

It’s a heavily used junction which features a roundabout mainly controlled by traffic lights. Up to 7,500 vehicles per hour currently travel through the roundabout at peak times. It is already operating at capacity, motorists regularly experience congestion and delays.

Our research shows that traffic in the area is expected to increase by up to 30% by 2037, with more than 9,000 vehicles per hour travelling through the roundabout at peak times.

Without intervention, there will be further deterioration in traffic conditions:

  • delays will be at least 5 times greater
  • average speeds will be reduced by 25%

The roundabout also caters for traffic accessing Brentwood via the A1023 (Brook Street). Although this scheme is not directly focused on Brook Street, our proposed improvements to junction 28 will deliver some benefits for customers using the A1023.

The A1023 (Brook Street) arm of the roundabout is the only one not controlled by traffic lights. After leaving the roundabout, motorists pass through traffic lights at the Nags Head Lane and Mascalls Lane junctions. During peak times, these junctions operate over capacity and queues of traffic regularly develop along Brook Street and often back on to the roundabout. These queues can also lead further back on to the M25 north and A12 east entry and exit roads.

In recent years, there have also been a number of incidents at junction 28, which create delays and congestion along the M25, A12 and local roads.

Your views are important

We want to hear your views about the options we are considering. You can find out more and speak to members of the project team at the public consultation exhibitions. We also want to know if you think there are other possible alternatives based on your knowledge of the area.

Although there will be other opportunities to comment and influence the proposals as they progress, this 8 week consultation period provides a key opportunity for you to have your say on the future direction of the scheme. We will review and consider all comments received.

Please read the consultation brochure and give us your views using the link below.


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