A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction improvements

Closed 1 Mar 2017

Opened 18 Jan 2017

Results updated 21 Feb 2018

2018 Consultation

For more information on the current consultation that is taking place between 21 February 2018 and 4 April 2018, please visit the new consultation page.

Consultation results

Having reviewed the feedback following the consultation, and completed a number of other assessments, we have now decided on our preferred route:

  • At the Bean junction, we propose a new bridge for southbound traffic, which will be to the east of the existing Bean Lane overbridge, and a new slip road onto the A2 for eastbound traffic.  Northbound traffic will use the existing over bridge.  
  • At the Ebbsfleet junction, we will widen the road that links the two roundabouts to two lanes and the eastbound and westbound slip roads onto the A2.

You can find more detailed information on the Preferred Route Announcement in the leaflet below.

We have also published the consultation report and Scheme Assessment Report linked below.



The A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junctions are situated on the A2 trunk road, approximately 1.2 miles apart (2km) within north Kent.

  • the Bean junction connects the A296 and B255, which provides access to the Bluewater regional shopping centre, to the A2 and the wider area and is particularly busy at weekends
  • the Ebbsfleet junction serves the wider area and Ebbsfleet International Rail Station, connects the A2 to the A2260 and will also provide access to the new and ongoing developments

The need for a scheme

In the coming years the Bean and Ebbsfleet junctions will serve developments such as the Ebbsfleet Garden City development.

This development will create 15,000 new homes and more than 30,000 jobs could be created. (Source: Ebbsfleet Development Corporation).

Traffic modelling has indicated that without improvements to both junctions, the road network will become highly congested resulting in considerable delays and associated environmental issues.

  • the Bean junction proposed development will result in traffic using the A2 Bean junction (including the A296) increasing by 50-60% during weekday and weekend peak periods by 2037 compared to 2014 traffic levels
  • the Ebbsfleet junction proposed development will result in traffic using the A2 Ebbsfleet junction increasing between 170 – 200% during weekday peak periods by 2037 compared to 2014 traffic levels

Objectives of the scheme

We developed the objectives in conjunction with the Department for Transport (DfT) and local authorities.

They are to provide improvements at A2 Bean and A2 Ebbsfleet junctions to:

  • support the economic and housing growth proposed for the north Kent area, including Ebbsfleet Garden City
  • increase the capacity of the junctions and minimise the impact on the A2
  • improve journey times
  • improve road safety
  • minimise impact on the environment
  • provide value for money with a benefit cost ratio (BCR) of at least 2:1; this means that for every £1 spent on the scheme at least £2 of economic benefit will be created

Scheme details

We have considered a number of options for both junctions. Following a detailed review of these proposals, we concluded that there is one option for each junction which meets the scheme objectives. Details of the proposal for each junction are as follows:

The proposed Bean junction improvements broadly follow the existing road layout but with an additional bridge over the A2 adjacent to the existing bridge and a new slip road on to the A2 for eastbound traffic. It retains the existing junction layout but with the current roundabouts enlarged and converted to traffic signal control. A new bridge over the A2 for southbound traffic is provided to the east of the existing Bean Lane Overbridge, which is retained for northbound traffic.

The proposed Ebbsfleet junction improvements broadly follow the existing road layout but with the existing roundabouts enlarged and with traffic signal control. Access is provided at the junctions to the new and ongoing developments. The link road between the roundabouts is widened from the existing single carriageway to a dual two lane carriageway. The existing eastbound and westbound slip roads from the A2 are retained. The eastbound and westbound slip roads to the A2 are widened.

We want to hear your views

This consultation provides you with the opportunity to give your views on the proposed improvements to the Bean and Ebbsfleet junctions. Your feedback will assist us in planning and progressing the next stages of scheme development.

You can view full details of our proposals in the consultation brochure.




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