A30 Chiverton Cross to Carland Cross improvement scheme

Closed 2 Dec 2016

Opened 15 Oct 2016

Feedback updated 29 Jan 2018

We asked

We asked for feedback on proposals to create a new dual carriageway on the A30 between Chiverton Cross and Carland Cross, to relieve congestion and improve access between communities, workplaces and local services.

You said

Feedback received from the consultation related to the impact on farms, businesses and properties, junction capacity and the environment. We have taken this into account in the selection of the preferred route.

We did

On 3 July 2017 we confirmed the preferred route for the A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross scheme as a modified version of the route presented at consultation.

The preferred route provides a new dual carriageway running to the north of the existing A30 between Chiverton and Chybucca and to the south between Chybucca and Carland Cross. It includes:

  • a 70mph high quality dual carriageway
  • a new roundabout at Chiverton Cross built on 2 levels to allow traffic to flow freely
  • a new partial junction at Chybucca built on 2 levels with west-facing slip-roads only to provide access onto the dual carriageway from local routes
  • new bridges at Tolgroggan Farm, Pennycomequick Lane and over the Allet to Tresawsen road to provide local access
  • a 2 level junction at Carland Cross with a new roundabout north of the dual carriageway and re-using the existing roundabout to the south
  • use of the existing A30 as a local route with new sections where necessary to provide continuity.

Following on from this we are now undertaking a statutory consultation for you to express your views on the design of the proposed scheme in advance of our application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to authorise construction of the project. For more information please visit the statutory consultation page.

Results updated 3 Jul 2017

To learn more about the preferred route, please see the documents below. For more information on the development of the project you can visit the A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross webpage.



The consultation is now closed. Thank you for your response.

Your views will be taken into consideration before a decision on the preferred route is made; this decision is expected in 2017.

We recently consulted on proposals to improve the A30 to the north of Truro, between Chiverton and Carland Cross.

ERDF logo The cost of developing this scheme is part funded by an £8m contribution from the European Regional Development Fund.

Our proposals will create a new dual carriageway whilst retaining a route for local traffic. This will relieve congestion and improve access between communities, workplaces and local services.

Why your views matter

The A30 provides a vital link between Penzance and the M5 motorway at Exeter connecting people, businesses and communities. Together with the A38, it is one of the two key roads connecting Cornwall with Devon and counties to the east. The section between Chiverton and Carland Cross has a dual function, providing both a strategic east-west link and also accommodating local traffic movements, particularly the northsouth flow of traffic between communities and workplaces.

While the majority of the A30 is of dual carriageway standard, the section between Chiverton and Carland Cross is still single carriageway and presents the following issues:

  • sections of narrow carriageway
  • unsuitable bends and gradients for high speed traffic
  • locations with poor forward visibility
  • slow moving agricultural vehicles
  • limited opportunities for overtaking increasing traffic levels outgrowing the capacity of the existing road
  • multiple minor roads and junctions where traffic enters, exits or crosses the A30

The consequences of these issues are:

  • congestion and longer journey times, particulary during peak times
  • unreliable journey times
  • queuing at the junctions, due to the interaction between local and strategic traffic, particularly at peak times
  • queuing when incidents occur with knock on effects to surrounding local routes

During busy periods, journeys often take twice as long, with average journeys taking four times longer in the peak summer season. If nothing is done to improve capacity and connectivity, these delays are forecast to get worse in future years. The scheme will support economic growth by making journeys safer and more reliable.

Our proposals

Here you can view all of the information that was displayed at our public consultation events. Please take your time to view the following:

  • Scheme brochure – this provides you with a summary of the proposals, together with information about the development of the scheme
  • Exhibition boards – these 12 boards were on display at the exhibitions, and provide you with an overview of the scheme and the proposals
  • Proposal of the new route from Chiverton Cross to Carland Cross
  • Option A of the proposed Chybucca junction
  • Option B of the proposed Chybucca junction

Should you have any questions, or would like to discuss any part of the proposals then please contact us at A30ChivertontoCarlandCross@highwaysengland.co.uk


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