M25 junction 30/A13

Closed 26 Feb 2018

Opened 5 Feb 2018


We are consulting on the proposed introduction of a 50mph speed limit to a 65m section of the segregated slip road, leading from the clockwise carriageway of the M25 onto the A13 eastbound. The proposal is recommended solely for safety reasons as a means to offset the increased likelihood of potential collisions and therefore protect users on this part of the network. If accepted, these restrictions will be implemented as part of the M25 junction 30/A13 Corridor relieving congestion scheme.

A 50mph restriction has already been introduced onto the A13 section of the slip road.

We are keen to have your comments on the proposal for the implementation of a reduced speed limit for the M25 Corridor Congestion Relief scheme at junction 30; specifically on how the proposal could affect your organisation or those you represent.

The consultation runs for three weeks from the Monday 5th February 2018 until Monday 26th February 2018.

We would like to hear your views. Please complete the online survey below. You can find more information about the consultation in our consultation brochure.


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