Lower Thames Crossing supplementary consultation - Changes to the route - Overview of design changes

Closed 2 Apr 2020

Opened 29 Jan 2020


Changes to the route

Our proposals have been shaped following multiple phases of stakeholder engagement and public consultation. We have listened carefully to all feedback we’ve received and have continued our own investigations. This will make sure we are developing a long-term solution that considers the environment and the communities it passes, while delivering the project objectives including value for money.

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It is important that we consult on changes to the project and listen to your views to shape our proposals, ahead of us submitting our DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate in summer 2020.

Our approach to design has been guided by standards and best practice, which seek to ensure the Lower Thames Crossing is safe to construct and operate, sustainable and will create a positive legacy for future generations.

NOTE: Throughout this section, we will refer to the Lower Thames Crossing as ‘LTC’. Any distances provided are approximate and subject to change. The images used are illustrative for this consultation and may change as a result of our ongoing assessments and the feedback we receive. The pictures of our supplementary consultation proposals illustrate how locations might look 15 years after the opening of the LTC.

Overview of design changes

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Road terms explained


an elevated road bridge supported by pillars.


a wall of earth or stones to support a road, or to stop water from flooding an area.

when a road is to go below existing ground, the soil or rock is removed, either altogether or to form landscape embankments on each side.

The route explained

For the purpose of describing the changes to the route in more detail, we have divided it into two sections:

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  • South of the river in Kent: M2/A2 junction and southern tunnel entrance.
  • North of the river in Thurrock and Essex: northern tunnel entrance, previously proposed Tilbury junction, A13/A1089 junction, LTC/M25 junction and M25 junction 29.

First, we will describe our proposals south of the river, then work our way north of the river.

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