M56 new junction 11a

Closed 10 Apr 2017

Opened 13 Mar 2017

Results updated 31 Aug 2017

Having reviewed the feedback following the consultation, we are proceeding with Option B - converting Murdishaw roundabout into a signalised crossroad.

Please read our preferred route announcement below to find out more.



We are developing options to improve the link to the new Mersey Gateway Bridge from the south by building a new junction between junctions 11 and 12 on the M56.

Why we need the scheme

The new Mersey Gateway bridge represents a £2 billion investment with economic, transport and social benefits, including 4,640 new jobs, reduction in journey times of up to 10 minutes and improvements to public transport facilities.

The new junction 11a on the M56 will play a role in increasing the benefits of the Mersey Gateway, as well as providing better access locally to the M56.

The new junction would:

  • reduce journey times by providing improved access to the M56 from areas such as Murdishaw, Brookvale, Whitehouse Industrial Estate and facilities such as Halton General Hospital
  • improve the quality of life in Preston Brook by reducing the volume of cars and lorries passing through to access the M56 at junction 11
  • support economic growth by reducing journey times from the South East and locations north of the River Mersey to destinations such as John Lennon Airport

Your views are important

The two shortlisted options presented have been developed following the public awareness exhibition held in September 2016.

The options

  • Option A: To upgrade Murdishaw roundabout into a through-about
  • Option B: To convert Murdishaw roundabout into a signalised crossroad

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More details about the options can be found in our consultation brochure.


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