M5 Junctions 1 to 2 Air Quality - Speed Limit Statutory Instrument Consultation

Closed 15 Feb 2022

Opened 18 Jan 2022

Results updated 17 Mar 2022

The document below is intended to provide a summary of the responses received to the consultation to introduce a 60mph permanent speed limit between junction 1 and just south of junction 2 on the M5.
The consultation, which we carried out between 18 January and 15 February 2022, provided an opportunity for stakeholders, such as road user groups and other interested parties, to comment on the proposals. We have considered the comments raised by consultees and this document summarises our response to those comments.



This consultation provides an opportunity for interested parties to comment on the proposal to introduce, by way of Regulations, a permanent 60mph speed limit between just north of Junction 1 and just south of Junction 2 of the M5.

The 60mph speed limit will, if approved, be set permanently and will be clearly displayed by signs on both sides of the carriageway indicating where it starts. There will also be signs which repeat this speed limit and which indicate where it ends.

By introducing the proposed 60mph speed limit the intention is that vehicles travelling on this route would be limited to a speed where they would perform more efficiently, thereby reducing emissions.

We want to hear from everybody who may be affected by these proposals, including how it could affect you, your organisation or those you represent. We would also like to hear any concerns you may have about this speed limit reduction.

Why we need to reduce speed limits

The M5 motorway is a strategic route for local, regional and international traffic and forms part of the Strategic Road Network (SRN) in England.

Currently, the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on this section of the M5 exceed the government’s air quality target value.

The 60mph speed limit is also part of National Highway’s programme to improve safety on the SRN. It is expected that the 60mph speed limit will limit the speed of vehicles travelling on this route so they would perform more efficiently, reducing emissions. 

The reduction in emissions will aid in reducing the level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in this area.

How to give us your views

Please read the consultation document below to find out more about the proposals. 

You can respond online by using the ‘Online survey’ box below. 

Alternatively, you can complete the consultation response form at Appendix B of the consultation document and return it to us by email or by post to the following addresses.

Please ensure that your response reaches us by 11:59pm on Tuesday 15 February 2022.

Email: samuel.twist@highwaysengland.co.uk

Samuel Twist
Designated Funds Development Lead
National Highways
Perry Barr Maintenance Compound 
Thornbridge Avenue 
B42 2AG

How we will act on your responses

All feedback received within the consultation period will be considered and we’ll reply where necessary. Following the consultation, we will provide a report which analyses your feedback and our responses.




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