M42 junction 6 improvement

Closed 27 Jan 2017

Opened 9 Dec 2016

Results updated 29 Nov 2017

We have analysed all comments from the public consultation and we would like to thank everyone who provided their feedback.

We can now announce the final details of our preferred route which you can find in the Preferred Route Announcement  document below.





We are developing options to improve junction 6 of the M42 to allow better movement of traffic on and off the A45, supporting access to Birmingham Airport and preparing capacity for the new HS2 station.

Junction 6 connects the M42 to the A45 to the east of Birmingham near the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). It has almost reached capacity causing severe congestion and delays across the network. This congestion will increase as traffic levels grow due to the planned and aspirational developments in the area.

In order to relieve the congestion, we plan to undertake a comprehensive upgrade of the junction. This will also accommodate the planned developments, and provide added resilience to ensure that future developments can be accommodated with minimum disruption to the public.

Over the last year we have identified and assessed a number of options and have concluded that the best way to improve the capacity of the M42 junction 6 would be to provide a new link from the A45 Clock Interchange to the M42 south of junction 6.

We have developed 3 options which we believe meet the investment, road user and community needs, and would like to hear your views on these options. You can find details of each in our consultation brochure.

Why do we need the scheme

M42 junction 6 lies at the heart of an area of dynamic growth and is surrounded by a unique mix of existing and proposed major assets that serve both the local and wider economy. Current levels of congestion are having a serious effect on communities and businesses and would constrain future development planned in the area.

Improving the M42 junction 6 will:

  • Promote safe and reliable operation of the wider corridor
    The scheme will improve the safety of the network by providing further resilience and capacity, reducing driver stress and enabling safer access to and from the motorway.
  • Increase capacity of the junction
    The scheme will improve traffic flow by removing a significant amount of vehicles from the roundabout at junction 6.
  • Improve access to key businesses
    Junction 6 is the gateway to an expanding Birmingham Airport, the NEC, Birmingham Business Park and other key businesses in the area. In addition to this planned growth there is also the proposed HS2 station, expected to be operational by 2026. The improvements to junction 6 will support access to these key businesses.
  • Support future economic growth
    Current congestion and journey time reliability issues on the M42 and at junction 6 are significant constraints to future investment and economic growth. An improvement to the junction will encourage continued investment in the regional economy and support new corporate, commercial and residential development opportunities.

This consultation is your opportunity to express your views on the route options we are proposing ahead of the project team developing the scheme further and choosing a preferred route.

Our Proposals

You can view below all of the information that was displayed at our public consultation events. Please take your time to view the following:

  • Consultation brochure – this provides you with a summary of the proposals, together with information about the development of the scheme
  • Exhibition boards – these 13 boards were on display at the exhibitions, and provide you with an overview of the scheme and the proposals

Should you have any questions, or would like to discuss any part of the proposals then please contact us at M42Junction6@highwaysengland.co.uk.


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