Review of The Highway Code to improve safety on motorways and high-speed roads

Closed 29 Mar 2021

Opened 1 Mar 2021

Results updated 18 Jun 2021

We received over 3,210 submissions to our consultation on the ‘Review of The Highway Code to improve safety on motorways and other high-speed roads’.

The report ‘Review of The Highway Code to improve safety on motorways and other high-speed roads: Response to the Consultation’ summarises the responses raised by individuals and organisations in response to each of the 40 consultation questions.

We have used your feedback to the consultation to update our proposed changes to The Highway Code and produce a revised version to lay before both Houses of Parliament for a period of 40 days.

Subject to Parliamentary approval we will work with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to update The Highway Code.

The online report and other information about the consultation can be found at the link below.



This consultation sought views on proposed changes to The Highway Code to improve safety for users of motorways and high-speed roads.

The proposed changes include new and additional guidance on:

  • the availability, appearance and safe use of emergency areas
  • the use of variable speed limits to manage congestion
  • the use of the red ‘X’ sign to close lanes and provide a safer area for the people and vehicles involved in incidents and road works
  • the use of hard shoulders that become extra lanes during periods of congestion
  • how road users can help keep themselves safe in the event of a breakdown
  • how safety cameras are employed to promote compliance with speed limits and lane closures 

You can also view all the proposed changes in the consultation document.

What happens next

A summary of responses, including the next steps, will be published within three months of the consultation.

If you have questions about this consultation please contact:

The Highway Code Consultation Co-ordinator
Highways England
National Traffic Operations Centre
3 Ridgeway
Quinton Business Park
B32 1AF



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