A64 Hopgrove Junction to Barton-le-Willows

Closed 5 Sep 2022

Opened 25 Jul 2022

Results updated 3 Jan 2023

The document below provides a summary as well as an analysis of the responses received to the A64 Hopgrove Junction to Barton-le-Willows Options Consultation. Thank you to everyone who participated. All feedback is invaluable in helping us understand how the proposed options may affect road users and local communities.

Overall, respondents felt there is a need for improvements to the A64 Hopgrove Junction. They felt the options would, on the whole, have a positive impact on the junction, meet the scheme objectives and would help facilitate and support economic growth in the area.

The feedback provided will now be considered alongside other factors, for example cost, environmental impact, engineering feasibility and objective fulfilment, to develop the proposals further. Should this scheme progress, further consultation will be undertaken on the detailed design.




Investing in your roads

At National Highways we believe in a connected country and our network makes these connections happen. We strive to improve our major roads and motorways, engineering the future to keep people moving today and moving better tomorrow. We want to make sure all our major roads are more dependable, durable and, most importantly, safe.

To help us do this, we’ve allocated £347 million of our funding to the development of potential future highways upgrades. This includes 32 road improvement proposals to be developed as part of a pipeline of possible future highways projects.

The A64 Hopgrove is one of the pipeline schemes that we’re currently looking at options for improving, which the government may consider for future investment.

The need for the scheme

The A64 at, and within the vicinity of, Hopgrove junction experiences significant congestion both northbound and southbound, during weekends and holiday periods, as well as some weekday morning and evening commuting times. This results in significant journey time variability, particularly on Bank Holidays.

Our objectives to improve the A64 Hopgrove Junction include: 

  • maintaining and improving road safety on the A64 between Hopgrove and Barton-le-Willows
  • improving capacity and journey time reliability at the Hopgrove Junction to Barton-le-Willows to meet current and future demand
  • supporting economic development and the regional economy
  • reducing queuing at the A64 Hopgrove junction, and decreasing journey times on the A64 between the Hopgrove junction and Barton-le-Willows, specifically during AM and PM peaks, summer weekends and bank holidays 
  • Increasing roadworker safety during maintenance activities
  • Maximising opportunities to protect and enhance the environment, including taking opportunities to improve biodiversity and reduce noise from the road „
  • Minimising adverse effects from traffic, lighting and visual intrusion on the environment and local communities
  • Improving accessibility and safety for local road users, cyclists, walkers, horse riders and other vulnerable users of the network

Our consultation brochure explains the options for the proposed scheme and how we have developed and sifted them. We also provide details of how you can give us your feedback during our public consultation.

How to respond

Your views are important to help us better understand any impacts our scheme may have on you, local businesses and the community.

You can respond to the consultation by clicking the link below.  

You can also reply by email to a64hopgrove@nationalhighways.co.uk

Get involved and have your say

Visit one of our events or join a webinar to find out more about the scheme and speak to members of the project team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For our webinars, attendees will receive a presentation about the route options from the project team and will be given opportunities to ask questions using the chat function.

Date and Time Location
Wednesday 3 August, 6pm Registration expired
Friday 12 August, 2pm-8pm New Earswick Folk Hall, Hawthorn Terrace York, YO32 4AQ
Tuesday 23 August, 2pm-8pm The Milton Rooms, Market Place, Malton, YO17 7LX
Thursday 1 September, 6pm Registration expired

Please submit your response by 11.59pm on Wednesday 5 September 2022. Responses received after this time may not be considered.


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