Trans-Pennine Upgrade Programme

Closed 10 Apr 2017

Opened 13 Mar 2017

Feedback updated 11 Dec 2018

We asked

Consultation update

We are holding a new consultation on our proposals to improve journeys on the Trans-Pennine route between the Manchester and Sheffield city regions. This new consultation will help us to shape the scheme before we submit our planning application for consent to build it.

Please visit the new consultation page for more details.

Consultation 2017

We asked for feedback on a package of measures to improve the Trans-Pennine route between Manchester and Sheffield, with the intention of reducing congestion and improving journey times, reliability and safety.

You said

Over 1,000 people attended the public information events that were held and we received 878 completed questionnaires.

We received clear feedback in response to the proposed link roads and the safety and technology improvements. 

We also received useful comments about the need to improve Westwood Roundabout in Tankersley near Sheffield.

We did

On the 2 November we confirmed the preferred package for the Trans-Pennine upgrade programme.  The following elements are now being taken forward to the next stage of development:

  • Mottram Moor and A57(T) to A57 Link Roads: Option A was identified as the preferred route. This option performed the best in terms of community impact and had the most support from those taking part in the consultation.   
  • Safety and technology: There was broad support for the majority of the proposed measures, so we are doing further work to identify how they can be best used along the route.

As part of the announcement we are not including a preferred route for the A628 climbing lanes. Instead the need for the climbing lanes will be looked at again when the Trans-Pennine Tunnel strategic study, which is considering transformative options for connecting Manchester and Sheffield, is published.

The proposal to dual the A61 will also be looked at again so we can further assess what needs to be done. In the meantime we will take forward some work at Westwood Roundabout to improve congestion and traffic flows.

For more information on the development of the project or to subscribe to our web alerts, visit the scheme website.

Copies of the full public consultation report are also available to view at the following local venues:

  • Barnsley: Central Library
  • Broadbottom: Community Centre; Magdalene Centre
  • Gamesley: Community and Sports Centre
  • Glossop: Glossop Library; Leisure Centre; Bradbury Community House
  • Hadfield: Library
  • Hattersley: Hattersley Hub; Tesco Hattersley; Hattersley Library
  • Hollingsworth: Post Office; St Mary’s Church
  • Langsett: Bank View Café
  • Mottram: Post Office; J. Wood and Company Ironmongers
  • Sheffield: Penistone Library; Stocksbridge Library
  • Tankersley: Welfare Hall; Post Office

Results updated 2 Nov 2017

On 2 November 2017 we published the preferred route announcement for this scheme. To find out more you can read the following documents, which can be found below:



The Trans-Pennine route, which includes the A57, A628, A616 and A61, mainly consists of single carriageways with steep gradients and sharp bends, and is particularly affected by bad weather.

Schemes that form the Trans-Pennine Upgrade Programme are designed to reconnect communities divided by busy roads and contains the following elements:

  • Mottram Moor Link Road – a dual carriageway link from the M67 terminal roundabout to a junction at A57(T) Mottram Moor
  • A57(T) to A57 Link Road – a single carriageway link from the A57 at Mottram Moor to a junction on the A57 at Brookfield, bypassing the existing A628/A57 and A57 Woolley Lane/Woolley Bridge Road junctions
  • A61 Dualling - a dual carriageway on the A61 between the A616 roundabout and junction 36 of the M1
  • A628 Climbing Lanes –two overtaking lanes on the A628 near Woodhead Bridge and near Salters Brook Bridge
  • Safety and technology improvements – safety measures focused on addressing collisions along the whole route and technology measures to provide driver information and inform route choices

What we are consulting on

Mottram Moor Link Road and the A57 (T) to A57 Link Road

Option A includes a new dual carriageway link from the M67 terminal roundabout to a new junction at A57(T) Mottram Moor near the junction with Back Moor and a single carriageway link from the new junction at A57(T) Mottram Moor to a new junction on the A57 at Brookfield.

Option B includes a new dual carriageway link from the M67 terminal roundabout to a new junction at A57(T) Mottram Moor near Coach Road and a single carriageway link from the new junction at A57(T) Mottram Moor to a new junction on the A57 at Brookfield.

Option A



Option B



A61 dualling

Both options provide a dual carriageway from the M1 Junction 36 to Westwood roundabout. The options are identical apart from the junction arrangements along the route.

Option 1: to stop all right turn movements at the minor road junctions so that they become left in, left out junctions only.

Option 2: to stop all right turn movements out of the minor roads onto the A61 but maintain the right turns from the A61 into Westwood New Road and Wentworth Way.

A628 Climbing Lanes

Climbing lanes are overtaking lanes which separate slow-moving vehicles from faster traffic. We’d like to build two climbing lanes as part of this element. Both would be built by cutting into the adjacent ground on the northern (higher) side, to provide a wider single carriageway. There would be two lanes in the eastbound (uphill) direction and a single westbound (downhill) lane.

Climbing lanes location 1



Climbing lanes location 2



Safety improvements

We are considering implementing various measures, including:

  • changing speed limits (usually reducing them)
  • average speed cameras
  • introducing highly reflective road markings
  • installing LED road studs
  • erecting vehicle actuated signs that light up to warn drivers of hazards or inappropriate speed
  • introducing skid resistant surfaces
  • providing parking bays to prevent vehicles parking on footways in built up areas
  • installing measures to protect right turning vehicles and prevent overtaking manoeuvres at specific locations
  • providing better crossing facilities for pedestrians in built up areas

Technology Improvements

We propose to install additional variable message signs (VMS) to inform drivers of conditions on the network and automate the existing snow gates.

You can view full detials of all the proposals in the consultation brochure.

Public exhibitions

We are holding public exhibitions to provide information about the scheme and answer any of your questions:

Venue Date Time
Mottram Community Centre, Church Brow, Mottram, SK14 6JJ Saturday 18 March 12 midday to 6pm
Tankersley Welfare Hall, Pilley Lane, Tankersley, S75 3AP Wednesday 22 March 12 midday to 6pm
Bradbury Community House, Market Street, Glossop, SK13 8AR Friday 24 March 2pm to 8pm
Tesco Hattersley, Stockport Rd, Hattersley Saturday 25 March 11am to 7pm
St Marys Church, Market Street, Hollingworth, SK14 8NE Saturday 1 April 10am to 6pm


  • All members of the public


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