A358 Taunton to Southfields

Closed 16 Jul 2017

Opened 28 Mar 2017

Feedback updated 17 Jan 2018

We asked

We asked for feedback an option to improve the A358 between the M5 at Taunton and Southfields Roundabout on the A303. To help analyse feedback received from the consultation the route was divided into two sections as follows

Section 1 – a new motorway junction and dual carriageway from the M5 to West Hatch

Section 2 – upgrading the remainder of the A358 along the line of the existing road to Southfields Roundabout on the A303

You said

The public events were attended by 1,670 people and a total of 1,198 questionnaires were returned. The questionnaire responses received were primarily from members of the local community, with a number of statutory and non statutory bodies submitting formal reports and letters in place of a questionnaire.

When asked in the consultation questionnaire, ‘to what degree do you believe the scheme proposal has achieved the objectives?’ 53% of respondents either disagreed or strongly disagreed that the proposals would meet the scheme objectives.

The results outlined above were largely attributed to Section 1 of the scheme. Many respondents wanted to see more options for connecting the upgraded A358 with the M5 and more solutions to alleviate the level of traffic through Henlade. There was less concern about the principle of upgrading the A358 along the route of the existing road for Section 2 of the scheme.

We did

We analysed the results from the consultation and have concluded that, before selecting a preferred route, it would be beneficial to hold a further consultation on our scheme proposals, with more options for connecting with the M5.

We have published a report summarising the findings of the first consultation.

This report summarises how the first consultation was handled and the responses that were received. It does not include our response to them though. This will be included in a further consultation report, which will be written after the new consultation ended, and published when we make our preferred route announcement for the scheme. 

Fnd out more about the new consultation.



This consultation closed on the 16 July 2017. 

About this scheme

The A303/A358 corridor is the most direct main route between the south east and the south west. Tens of thousands of people use the route every day, including tourists on their way to some of the nation’s favorite holiday destinations.

But for now the road is not great at getting people from A to B. It is regularly congested and is frustrating for motorists who try to avoid tailbacks by diverting onto unsuitable local roads. This makes life hard for local communities too.

The aim is to transform the A303/A358 corridor into an expressway, a new type of strategic road which is as safe and reliable as a motorway and where ‘mile-a-minute’ journeys are the norm.

In its Road Investment Strategy, the government has identified eight separate sections of road along the A303 and A358 to Taunton where upgrades are needed, and has made funding available for the first three to get under way.

This website is about our public consultation on one of these schemes, the A358 Taunton to Southfields.

Why do we need this scheme?

The A358 between Taunton and Southfields roundabout currently comprises of a mix of dual and single lane carriageway, which leads to localised congestion, impacting adversely on journey times and journey time reliability.

We are proposing to create a dual carriageway link from the M5 near Taunton to the A303.

The proposed scheme provides a number of benefits to road users, businesses, the local community and tourists, they include:

  • relieving traffic congestion on a vital link to the South West peninsula
  • providing more reliable journey times
  • improving safety and reducing driver stress by providing a more free-flowing network
  • providing safer local access provisions for pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorised users
  • helping the local economy to grow through the creation of a modernised and reliable road that reduces delays and makes the south west more accessible for tourism and business
  • supporting major development opportunities in the area south of Taunton through a proposed new junction at the M5 motorway (Junction A)
  • improving the environment by reducing pollution from queuing traffic, particularly during the busy summer months

How to get involved

We are holding a public consultation on the proposed route from 28 March until 16 July 2017. This is the first stage in our consultation process.  We would like to know what you think about the route proposal.  We will listen to your views and publish a consultation report which summarises your feedback and how they will be considered to inform the detailed design stage.

View the proposed route online

All of the consultation information is available on this webpage including a brochure with a summary of the proposed route and our consultation questionnaire.

Attend a public information event

Meet the project team and view the proposed route options at the following events:

Date Venue Time
Friday 7 April Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall, Chestnut View, Hatch Beauchamp, Taunton TA3 6TH 10am to 6pm
Saturday 8 April Taunton Racecourse, Orchard Portman, Taunton TA3 7BL 10am to 6pm
Monday 10 April Holiday Inn, Deane Gate Avenue, Somerset, UK TA1 2UA 12 midday to 8pm
Tuesday 11 April Monks Yard, Horton Cross Farm, Ilminster TA19 9PT 12 midday to 8pm
Friday 30 June Holiday Inn, (Blackdown Suite), Deane Gate Avenue, Somerset, UK TA1 2UA 10am to 7pm

Visit a public information point

Consultation materials will be available to view from 28 March until 16 July 2017 during normal opening hours at the following places:

Public information points

Taunton Deane Borough Council, The Deane House, Belvedere Rd, Taunton, Somerset , TA1 1HE

Taunton Library, Paul Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3XZ

Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4DY

South Somerset District Council, Brympton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2HT

Ilminster Meeting and Arts Centre, The Meeting House East Street, Ilminster, TA19 0AN

Henlade Post Office, Henlade, Taunton, TA3 5DH

Martock Library, Martock Shopping Centre, Martock , Somerset, TA12 6DL

South Petherton Library, St. James Street, South Petherton, Somerset, TA13 5BS


Through the links below you can view all of the information which will be available at our public consultation events. Please take your time to view the following:

The case for improving the A303/A358 corridor

Public consultation information

You can view an interactive map of the A358 Taunton to Southfields route proposal


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