A120 Harwich Road

Closed 23 Dec 2016

Opened 2 Dec 2016

Feedback updated 1 Feb 2017

We asked

We asked for feedback on our design options for the A120 Harwich Road Roundabout.

You said

We received 66 responses with overwhelming support for Option 2: Without the Park Road link. Many of you expressed concern with the suitability of local roads to accommodate additional traffic. You also highlighted that the lanes are well used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders and raised concern about the safety of these vulnerable users if traffic volumes increased.

We did

In response to your feedback we have decided to remove the Park link road from our design. We still intend for the construction to begin later this year.


We want your views on whether or not the link road between Park Road and the proposed new roundabout should be retained as part of our scheme.


We are developing a scheme to improve safety on the A120 junctions at Harwich Road, Park Road and Pellens Corner for local residents, road users and motorists.

We plan to build a new roundabout at Harwich Road and close the central reserve gaps to prevent drivers making right-turn manoeuvers on the A120 and improve safety.

Why we are consulting

During the development of these proposals, community representatives asked us to include a link road from the new roundabout to Park Road. This will give drivers direct access to the A120.

More recent feedback suggests concerns about the potential for “rat-running” on local roads by drivers using the new link road.

We want your views to help us decide whether to include a new link road as part of the scheme.

Who will benefit from the scheme?

Drivers, business owners and local residents will benefit from this safety improvement. The scheme aims to reduce the number of incidents on the A120 between Harwich Road and Pellens Corner, reducing collisions, injuries and any subsequent traffic delays.

How long will the scheme take?

The works are due to start in summer 2017, subject to the completion of statutory processes and will take between 6 to 9 months to complete.

You can find out more information about the scheme on our website.

The consultation period will run for three weeks from 2 December to 5pm, 23 December 2016.


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